Good Vibes Yarn Tour Fall 2020

Good Vibes Yarn Tour Fall 2020

Cadence, Sarah, and Janet, owners of three different yarn stores and best friends in the industry started this adventure because we were looking for a way to stay connected with each other and our knitting communities during the pandemic. We figured you were craving this connection too. So, we created the Good Vibes Yarn Tour – your opportunity to connect with others while you explore new techniques and travel behind the scenes with designers and dyers.

In the Fall of 2020 we launched our very first tour. It was a cross country yarn crawl from Knot Another Hat in Oregon

to String Theory in Illinois

and finally Fuzzy Goat in Georgia.

Our tour was more popular that we ever imagined it would be. Hundreds of knitters (and a few crocheters)  joined us! We’ve had a blast putting together the boxes with all the goodies, and the shows with behind-the-scenes interviews, techniques, and a taste of virtual travel.

"Got my box today!!! It was a really tough day at work, and I can't tell you how much I squealed with glee when I saw the contents. This colorway is BEAUTIFUL" Judi

However, the feedback that made us the happiest was how much fun you had with each other. Anyone who has taken a tour or attended a concert knows that it is the people around you that make or break the experience. We are delighted to say that an inspiring, funny, generous community has formed with each tour.

“Love the wonderful things in the surprise boxes! But my favorite has been the zoom meetings – the videos and meeting the designers and getting to meet all the people on the trips.” Ginnie

Registration opens again in June 2022

If virtual travel with snacks, new projects, and your best knitting buddies sounds fun to you, sign up for our newsletter so you'll know when to get your seat on the bus!


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