About the GVYT

The Good Vibes Yarn Tour came about because we believe that we get by with a little help from our friends.

In 2020, at the beginning of the Pandemic, yarn store owners and good friends Cadence, Sarah and Janet reached out to each other to figure out how we were going to survive. We figured if we needed our friends, so did our knitters. And if our stores needed help, so did our vendors. So, we started to plan…

In June of 2020, when it seemed like everything had been cancelled and there was no clear plan of action, we launched our first Good Vibes Yarn Tour, a three-month knitting event with three virtual shows, swag at every stop, and a community of groupies that inspire us and make us laugh. Our goal has always been to take you off the beaten path, to introduce you to people, places and treats that may be new to you, to show you a new perspective if you’ve seen them before.

There are a lot of people in need of a good friend these days. So, we look for ways to spread our good vibes beyond our knitting industry. Since the first tour we’ve given thousands of dollars to groups who help, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Women’s Law Center, Mental Health America, and Fair Fight.

We are honored to have you join us on this journey and see where we can all go together!


  • Fuzzy Goat

    Cadence Kidwell invites you to tangle with pleasing yarns. Fuzzy Goat is an engaging Historic Downtown Thomasville yarn shop assisting our customers in finding delightful projects to knit by hand. Our eclectic lodge vibe, luxuriously appealing yarns from independent, Southern and US sources, and focus on attainable challenges, create a memorable experience. Our customers include those new to handcrafts; experienced knitters and crocheters find an appealing space to build their fiber community and exquisite yarns and classes with new techniques. Fuzzy Goat is a vibrant member of the Downtown Thomasville neighborhood, hosting joint events with local businesses. We are delighted to help you launch your next yarn adventure. Fuzzy Goat is the type of yarn shop we wanted to spend time in: whimsical, diverse, ethical & with great music!

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  • Knot Another Hat

    Sarah Keller opened Knot Another Hat in 2005 with a dream of sharing her passion for knitting and fibers with customers, friends, and visitors in both local and online communities. Sarah and her team of friendly, knowledgeable staff members are dedicated to providing fiber arts enthusiasts with high quality products and convenient services that will enable them to finish handcrafted items of beauty and functionality. You can find Sarah and company at Knot Another Hat waiting to inspire your inner fiber artisan and help you the find the best yarns, patterns, books, needles, and other accessories to suit your favorite knitting or crocheting projects. Knot Another Hat is family owned and locally based in beautiful downtown Hood River, Oregon. Come on in and say hello, and maybe sit and knit a while.

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  • String Theory

    Janet Avila at String Theory is committed to helping her customers discover the healing powers of knitting and crocheting, while effecting positive change in the US and worldwide. We proudly support women and Black-owned businesses. Our collection is first and foremost, conscientiously-curated. On our (physical and virtual shelves), you’ll find a wide selection of organic, fair trade and artisan yarns, each a delight for knitting and crochet. Every yarn we stock makes a positive impact. String Theory’s team of Yarnistas + Instructors are dedicated to helping you find just the right yarn for your next project, and teaching you the skills you need to accomplish it! Whether we’re down the street from you or across the country, these are the talented people who will encourage and support you on your crafting journey.

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