Jet Set Knit Kit for your Summer Travel

Jet Set Knit Kit for your Summer Travel

Do you have some fun travel plans scheduled this Summer season? 

Yes? Then you need our Jet Set Knit Kit—the ultimate companion for knitting on the go. Whether you're traveling to a faraway destination or enjoying a weekend getaway, this kit is designed to make your knitting experience an absolute delight.

We understand that, before any trip, you probably spend more time planning your projects than your wardrobe (or is that just us?). That's where we come in. Drawing from our years of experience knitting on the run, we have curated our favorite travel projects, useful tips, and beautiful yarns and tools to create the ideal knitting kit for your adventures.

Here's what our Jet Set Knit Kit includes:
  • One skein of hand-dyed fingering weight yarn from  AT Haynes House Yarn.
  • A list of our favorite one-skein travel projects (both knit and crochet) to keep you inspired.
  • A Good Vibes exclusive progress keeper, ensuring you can track of your accomplishments in style.
  • A needle keeper, because we know how important it is to keep your stitches secure between stops.
  • A project bag that keeps your yarn and supplies organized and easily accessible.
  • Our Top 5 Tips for Travel Knitting, offering valuable insights for a seamless knitting experience on the move.
  • A treat to keep your energy levels up while you create.

Are you ready to take off, hit the road, or fly away? 

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